5 Common Mistakes When Selecting A Web Design Development Company

To begin with, we all know that choosing a good website design development company to build our store is a long and strenuous journey. There are hundreds of web solutions companies around the world who provide you with a variety of services and prices. Moreover, the competition become harsh when most of them promote themselves as the leader/ best/ pioneer website design development on the market, which make the online store owners so confused when selecting a suitable one.

Therefore, in the last article I gave you some secrets for choosing a perfect web design development company. After reading those tips, you will have a general view of how to opt to a web solutions company step-by-step. However, there are still a variety of obstacles that you easy to make on the selection process, which even might lead to project failures.

Here are the most common mistakes of the store owners when finding for their perfect web design development company:

1. Only favor the big web design development company

Many people argue that only well-known web design development companies can offer high-quality services and ensure the future of their online stores but it’s not true in many cases. Firstly, big agencies in general will have more experience in both website development and working with customers, which leads to the fact that they used to ask for much higher price for most of their services. Secondly, since they have to work with many clients at the same time, your project might not be executed strictly as usual. Furthermore, some of big web solutions companies now decline to conduct small-scaled projects since those cannot bring significant benefits and reputation for them.

On the other hand, there are an array of small web design development companies who are gradually proving their capabilities and building their names in the market. They offer very reasonable web design packages with acceptable quality. Moreover, because they usually work on only several projects at a time, each of their clients will be taken care of attentively.

2. Pick the company that provides the cheapest price

This blunder is often made by small or start-up businesses who have a constrained budget. In their mind, they just need to build a basic online store at the beginning without investing a lot of money into it, and then they might upgrade it on the future. Therefore, they are used to choosing the web design development company which offers the lowest price on the market. However, there are some important things that they don’t know. First, the money that they have to pay to revamp their website is even much greater and complicated than to build a website from scratch. Secondly, though low price doesn’t mean low quality but it would bring about a huge potential risk for their project. Also, if their store cannot operate smoothly and effectively right from the start, they will lose and never can gain back your customers.

3. Limit selection with local companies

In recent years, the e-commerce market has been expanded greatly. Besides choosing local companies you should consider more about outsourcing solutions. In the past, you might worry about the communication barrier; however, as there are more and more convenient communication networks now and English has become the mutual language in the world, it’s no longer a big problem. Besides, one of the most persuasive reasons for hiring an outsourcing company is that the cost is much cheaper while the quality might be the same. To know more about the difference in cost of building a website from a local company and an outsourced one, please read this article.

4. Don’t examine the company’s portfolio carefully

This mistake often comes with the first lapse – when the store owners are just interested in big design development companies. It is commonly mistaken that since those companies are reputed, they are good at… everything. In fact, each web solutions company might have a certain strength; they might build excellent stores for large-scaled businesses but not yours. Hence, it is crucial to examine the portfolios of your target partners conscientiously to know whether they completed a similar project in the past. Furthermore, by looking at their work, you can see their styles in web design and evaluate whether it is appropriate to the store that you are desired to create.

5. Ignore feedback and reviews from previous customers

There is a great deal of people making light of checking actual evaluation of clients who cooperated with their chosen design development company. I highly recommend you to contact directly to those customers to their experience with your future partners. Due to that, you might have more ideas of what to do or what to prevent when working with that web solutions company. Besides, if most of the feedback is negative, you should change your mind and find another agency.


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bingo5 Common Mistakes When Selecting A Web Design Development Company
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Why Outsourced Web Design And Development Is More Recommended Than In-house Development?

When it comes to website design and development projects, the store owners are always confused of choosing between using an outsourced web design and development company and taking advantage of their internal human resources.

However, we will show you 3 persuasive reasons why outsourcing would a wise choice.

  • You might save a huge amount of money:

In general, the cost of labor is significantly cheaper overseas. Let’s make a simple comparsion, you might have to pay $150 per hour on average for a local developer while you might be able to get the same work done for only a half of this cost or less from another country? To calculate the whole cost of the project, the difference is even much bigger. As you might know, building a new website from scratch costs you from $5,000-10.000 in developed countries, whereas the average cost in other developing ones is ranging from $1,000-3.000. Therefore, you can opt to spend a lot of money for the same quality or spend less and use the savings for other necessary purposes.

  • You have the the best people to get the work done:

Actually you can still possess some good IT staff in the company but their professional skills might be not as good as those of a bank of offshore IT experts. In many web design and development agencies, their expert teams usually have at least five-year experience. They not only have enough capabilities but also have a through grasp of industry trends to build a website that fully meets your needs.

  • You will have more time to focus on core aspects

Creating a high quality website requires a significant amount of time and effort to get the job done. Hence, spending time on a DIY web design and development project will take time away from core activities that may affect your overall business operations, which raises the urgent need for outsourcing the project to an external provider.

Some people who are in favor of in-house web development might argue that outsourcing makes communication become difficult, but it is not true. Nowadays, English gradually becomes a global language and with the help of Internet, people can communicate easily regardless of geographical distance. Another absolutely wrong idea against outsourcing is that it’s is hard to control the project quality. In fact, most of the current web design and development companies have a professional working manner. They regularly update the progress of the project for the store owners to control and make timely changes (even day by day). Supposed that there was a company that tried to hide some website problems from customers, they will gradually lose their reputation and out of the market.

In conclusion, hiring an outsourced web design and development company to build your website outweighs using current staff in terms of time, money and effort. From our perspective, the only problem is how to choose a good web design and development company. The next article will give you some secrets to choose a perfect website development agency that meets your needs.

Tigren is an prestigious outsourced web design and development company whose head offices are located in Vietnam and Malaysia. They have conducted many big projects from US, UK as well as other Europe countries. You can visit their website to take a look at their portfolio and find more information.


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bingoWhy Outsourced Web Design And Development Is More Recommended Than In-house Development?
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