Why Outsourced Web Design And Development Is More Recommended Than In-house Development?

When it comes to website design and development projects, the store owners are always confused of choosing between using an outsourced web design and development company and taking advantage of their internal human resources.

However, we will show you 3 persuasive reasons why outsourcing would a wise choice.

  • You might save a huge amount of money:

In general, the cost of labor is significantly cheaper overseas. Let’s make a simple comparsion, you might have to pay $150 per hour on average for a local developer while you might be able to get the same work done for only a half of this cost or less from another country? To calculate the whole cost of the project, the difference is even much bigger. As you might know, building a new website from scratch costs you from $5,000-10.000 in developed countries, whereas the average cost in other developing ones is ranging from $1,000-3.000. Therefore, you can opt to spend a lot of money for the same quality or spend less and use the savings for other necessary purposes.

  • You have the the best people to get the work done:

Actually you can still possess some good IT staff in the company but their professional skills might be not as good as those of a bank of offshore IT experts. In many web design and development agencies, their expert teams usually have at least five-year experience. They not only have enough capabilities but also have a through grasp of industry trends to build a website that fully meets your needs.

  • You will have more time to focus on core aspects

Creating a high quality website requires a significant amount of time and effort to get the job done. Hence, spending time on a DIY web design and development project will take time away from core activities that may affect your overall business operations, which raises the urgent need for outsourcing the project to an external provider.

Some people who are in favor of in-house web development might argue that outsourcing makes communication become difficult, but it is not true. Nowadays, English gradually becomes a global language and with the help of Internet, people can communicate easily regardless of geographical distance. Another absolutely wrong idea against outsourcing is that it’s is hard to control the project quality. In fact, most of the current web design and development companies have a professional working manner. They regularly update the progress of the project for the store owners to control and make timely changes (even day by day). Supposed that there was a company that tried to hide some website problems from customers, they will gradually lose their reputation and out of the market.

In conclusion, hiring an outsourced web design and development company to build your website outweighs using current staff in terms of time, money and effort. From our perspective, the only problem is how to choose a good web design and development company. The next article will give you some secrets to choose a perfect website development agency that meets your needs.

Tigren is an prestigious outsourced web design and development company whose head offices are located in Vietnam and Malaysia. They have conducted many big projects from US, UK as well as other Europe countries. You can visit their website to take a look at their portfolio and find more information.


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How Much Does It Cost To Build An E-commerce Website In 2017?

There are hundreds of web design and development companies around the world and the prices they offer are varied. However, we will try to give you specific price ranges for building a new e-commerce website.

First, we want you to define exactly what kind of website you would like to build by choosing one of the following types:

Simple functionality:

This type of website’s goal is to inform your browsers, so it mostly just displays information about your business, products and services. It will usually include a Homepage, an About page, a Services/Products page, and a Contact page.

Moreover, what you will get is a largely static website with no custom design. In other words, the developer sets you up with a CMS (content management system) like WordPress, creates the necessary pages filled in with your content, and applies a pre-made theme.
Medium functionality:

This type of website usually incorporates a database and/or dynamic content. It includes general informative pages plus a more functional pages like Shopping carts, Product galleries, Blogs and News.

Besides, you can get a fully customized design backed by a CMS, which gives you an easier option for making changes to the content of the site. The cost depends on the graphic design skills of the designer, the level of browser compatibility, and the number of customized pages beyond the initial template.

Complex functionality:

This type of website gives you a fully customized website and many features like in the 2nd one plus some advanced functions. For example, it allows you to process consumer input, calculate something, process something and return analytic results (technically this is moving into the realm of web applications). What you will get is a well written, fully tested web application that goes well beyond the complexity of a basic CMS backed website.

After knowing which type of site you wanna build, let’s take a look at the estimated price ranges for creating an e-commerce website according to regions:

Cost to build a website in developed countries (e.g.: US, UK)

  • Simple functionality: $3,000 to $5,000
  • Medium functionality $5,000 to 7,000
  • Complex functionality: $7,000 to $15,000

Cost to build a website in developing countries (e.g.: India, Pakistan, Vietnam)

  • Simple functionality: $600 to $1,000
  • Medium functionality: $1,000 to $2,000
  • Complex functionality: $2,000 to $5,000

As you can see the cost to build e-commerce website is very flexible, from $600 to $15,000. Besides different level of functionality, the reason that leads to this huge price gap is simply the unequal labor costs. While you have to pay more than $100 per working hour for a developer in US, it costs you only a half or even less for an East Asia developer to get the work done. If money is not a big problem for you, choosing a local partner might be a good idea due to better and easier communication. Otherwise, if you’ve started an online business with a constrained budget, why not consider to cooperate with an outsourced web design and development agency?

There are some reasons that outsourcing web development is more and more prevalent. Read our next article to find out why.

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Which Factors Affect The Cost To Build A Website?

To evaluate whether the cost to build a website of a web design and development company is appropriate or not, you must depend on these following factors.

  1. Domain Name

When it comes to cost to build a website, the very first thing you must concern is the domain name – the unique address of your website. It is basically obtained for a year and so the cost is given for the year, ranging from $10 to $100. There are several extensions available like .com, .in, .org, .co, .in and so on, which decide the cost you have to pay.

  1. Hosting:

Web hosting is another important factor in web designing. Hosting that means where your website runs. When you host your website, it means that you are creating your website live for the audience. The hosting cost which depends on upon the type of hosting you prefer for your website:

  • Cloud Hosting ($100+ a month): This gives you access to load balancing, autoscaling, replica databases and other technologies that allow to scale to any size. Everything is hosted in the cloud making it an extremely fast and resilient solution.
  • Dedicated Server ($40+ a month): This is basically a single dedicated server that you host everything on. This is much faster than virtual hosting, but for most sites it will be more than sufficient. The disadvantage is that you are relying on a single point of failure. If your server goes down so does your website.
  • Shared/ Virtual Hosting ($5+ a month) This is very cheap and fairly reliable for light traffic websites. Many virtual hosting packages also have very low bandwidth limits so they could take your site down for extended periods if you exceed the limit.

There may be some sites that offer free hosting of some kind, but inevitably there will be some kind of catch – such as displaying ads all over your site. Hosting multiple sites is very expensive and there’s no charity that will pay for true hosting without any revenue.

  1. Quality of Web Developer

To evaluate a good web developer, you should look on their number of experience, their qualifications and their actual portfolio. It seems that these criteria are directly proportional to the fee you have to pay if you compare among local developers. However, it is not true for all the cases. Since the labor cost offshore is generally much cheaper, the cost for hiring a good web developer might be lower with the same capabilities. For example, for 1 working hour you must pay $60-150 for local workers but pay only a hard or even less for the ones from other countries.

  1. Website Designing

Website designing process includes various steps from designing mockup to final template designing in HTML. Depending on your requirements and level of customization, it usually costs you between $400 – $2500. In some web design and development agencies, they offer a bank of available design templates for you to choose. If you agree to use one of those templates (with minor changes), the cost is relatively low. In constrast, if you ask for a unique design – 100% customization, the cost would be obviously very high.

  1. Website Development

Website development is all about functionalities – What would you like to have in your website. To be more specific, it is related to content management system, order management, checking and payment, customer management, product and service management, and so on. Web development cost is flexible and depends on the number of modules and features. (at least $500 for a basic website)

  1. Support & Maintenance

Most of the web design and development companies offer support and maintenance services after building the website. Some of them include this fee when calculating the total cost and make it higher while others charge it separately. As a result, sometimes a firm requires a lower cost for building a website but there is a hidden charge of maintenance that make the total cost is even higher.

In conclusion, there are 6 factors deciding the cost to build a website that you have to consider. Based on these factors, you can avoid to be overcharged and feel easier to evaluate different offers from web design and development companies. Last but not least, we want to give you a suggestion that don’t hesitate to ask the agencies why they give you that price. Owing to that you can know what are included and what are not and then select the best website builder.

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