Who Should Invest In Progressive Web App (PWA)?

Nowadays, the e-commerce platform is developing at a really fast pace. Progressive Web App (PWA) which is pretended to be the future of online stores cannot be bypassed in this game. There is a huge number of people wondering whether PWA is fittable with their business or not. In this blog post, I would like to point out my opinion to clear up your confusion as I used to have the same question before.

Progressive Web App In Brief

Both users and business owners might be confused between Progressive Web App and Web Application.

Actually, PWA is still a web app but being added more advanced app-like features such as push notifications, offline capability, add to the home screen, etc.

In short, PWA has an app-like interface but working in a browser.

Why Choose Progressive Web App?

Applying Progressive Web App technology into conventional e-commerce websites is a wise choice because of all the following reasons:

1. Fast

Progressive Web App is improved in site loading speed. In comparison with a normal website, the loading speed of PWA is extremely faster.

The amazing speed of PWA can help to reduce the bounce rate and increase the duration per session along with the conversion rate on the site.

2. Engaging

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Push notification is one of the most significant functions of Progressive Web App that helps businesses to keep their customers engaged.

Moreover, PWA can work offline, allowing users to freely access the pages that they visited before – without a network connection.

3. Flexible and Affordable

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We just have to pay a one-time cost for developing Progressive Web App because it can work on different platforms (both iOS and Android) and browsers (Safari and Chrome).

On the contrary, if we develop a native app which means we will have to pay at least a doubled cost to develop two individual apps, not including the submission and maintenance fees.

Can PWA Adapt To Both Small and Big E-commerce Businesses?

Some people think that Progressive Web App is only fittable with large online businesses since they accounted for most of the PWA early adopters. The truth is, the e-commerce giants like Alibaba, Flipkart, Lancome, BMW,… applied PWA at its initial stage since they saw a huge potential of this technology. Also, they want to take advantage of PWA to make a difference and become the leader in their niches. Meanwhile, the majority of small firms are waiting for taking the lessons from the “predecessors”. For some, they also are afraid of the changes.

In other words, I want to confirm that the Progressive Web App is for all e-commerce businesses, regardless of their scales.

On one hand, no firm doesn’t want to engage its customers and provide better mobile shopping experiences. And PWA can totally meet that need with blazing fast page speed and an app-like interface.

On the other hand, the PWA development is cost-effective, especially when you compare that with the investment of the native app development. As a result, the cost of developing a PWA can satisfy the budgets of small-to-large e-businesses.

Furthermore, since PWA is a hot trend in the e-commerce industry, its adopters will definitely gain more people’s attention and spread their reputation worldwide. I believe that no companies want to decline this amazing opportunity.

Final Words

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In short, the Progressive Web App brings users the fastest loading speed with an app-like interface across the devices and browsers. It can work smoothly even in low bandwidth internet. Both users and business owners enjoy the convenience of PWA.

Undeniably, Progressive Web App is beneficial for all e-commerce businesses thanks to its amazing functionality. Moreover, it can be achieved at an affordable price. That’s why PWA is born to serve both small, medium or large online stores.

Day by day, people are getting used to using Progressive Web App. If you really want to catch up with this latest trend of e-commerce, don’t hesitate to get your own Progressive Web App.

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